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Aldergrove Community Secondary was a frontrunner in the genrefied secondary library movement in the Langley School District. We are now of three secondary schools in the district that has a genrefied fiction section and more are being added each year. Come in and check out how easy it is to find that book you were looking for!

What is Genrefication?

Genrefication takes the entire fiction catalogue and groups similar books together into their own section. It uses the bookstore layout in a school setting. Think about Chapters/Indigo: the books in the stores are ordered into different sections - romance, science-fiction, Manga, graphic novels, etc.

It makes book selection easier for students! Looking for To All The Boys I've Loved Before? You can find it in the romance section. Need a copy of The Handmaid's Tale for English 12? It can be found in the dystopian section. Want to find out what all the hype is on Game of Thrones? The entire series can be found in Fantasy.

Each section is colour coded to make it easy to find. The colour guide can be found on walls throughout the library. Unable to see colours? No problem! Our shelves are labeled with each section clearly marked. In each colour genre section, books are shelved alphabetical by author's last name. Think a particular title should be changed to a different genre? Chat with Ms. Caines and discuss your reasons behind the change suggestion!

Graphic Novels and Manga

Our most popular section is our light blue GX section. The light blue section is broken up into two areas: traditional graphic novels and Manga. Traditional graphic novels are books such as The Watchmen, or The Walking Dead, or Bone. Manga read 'backwards' from what to North Americans would be "the back of the book." You can find out more about Manga here and Graphic Novels here!

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