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Citing Your Sources

Websites and resources to help you create MLA, APA, and Chicago Style citations.

Not sure how to properly cite sources in your research paper?

Your teachers had to learn how to do this manually but you've got it easy!

These online citation sites will guide you step-by-step through creating a Works Cited (MLA), Bibliography (Chicago), or References (APA).

Double check for accuracy against examples shown on Purdue OWL site.

The English Department uses MLA, the Social Studies Department uses Chicago, and the Science Department uses APA.

Double check with your teacher how they would like you to cite your sources.

MLA 8 Resources


Purdue OWL MLA Overview

How do you credit your sources? Show where a photo came from? Create in-text citations? How is my paper supposed to be laid out? Purdue University's Online Writing Lab (OWL) is the perfect place to get all your questions answered for MLA citations. There are lots of examples that you can check your work against. Online citation generators may miss the minute details of MLA8 but Purdue's OWL has you covered!

Double check your Works Cited page with Purdue's examples, just to be sure!

University of Alberta Library MLA Citation Guide

MLA8 quick style guide from the University of Alberta and the matching in-text citation guide. Not sure how to reference a social media post or a work of art? Here's your answer!

Chicago Style 17 Resources

Chicago 17

Purdue OWL Chicago Style Overview

Need to write a history essay? Provide evidence for a Law project? The Chicago Manual of Style (CMOS) is the preferred citation style for history, literature, and the arts. Rather than the in-text citations, CMOS uses footnotes or endnotes and a bibliography. Not sure how to make those little numbers at the bottom of your page? Purdue's CMOS guide can walk you through it!

Not sure what a paper properly formatted in CMOS looks like? Check Purdue's examples to make sure yours looks the same!

University of Alberta Library Chicago Style Guide

Chicago Manual of Style 17th edition quick style guide from the University of Alberta and the matching footnotes and bibliography guide. Need to reference an unpublished interview or a Canadian governmental law? Here's where to look!

APA 7 Resources


Purdue OWL APA Overview

The American Psychological Association (APA) 7th edition is the preferred citation style for the social sciences, but our science teachers like you to use this style, too! Need to write a biology research paper? Writing about a significant person in the history of Chemistry? This is the guide for you! APA uses a different style of in-text citation than MLA does, AND it uses footnotes/endnotes and a reference page like Chicago--pretty much it's the best of both worlds!

Need to see if your reference page is formatted correctly? Check out Purdue's APA examples!

University of Alberta Library Chicago Style Guide

The American Psychological Association's style guide from the University of Alberta. Need to reference an eBook? Not sure how to reference a particular episode of Bill Nye the Science Guy? The UofA has you covered.

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