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English 12 AP Reading List

Are you up for a challenge? Are you a heavy reader and completed English 10 and 11 with top marks? Consider writing the English 12 AP Literature and Composition exam in May. Writing this exam and earning high marks will give you credit towards university entrance. Essentially, you'll get credit for a first year university English course. While we do not offer English 12 AP in our course guide, students are permitted to challenge the exam or complete a self directed course in their grade 12 year.

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Make no mistake! This course is heavy in both reading and writing and only the strongest English students should consider writing the exam. Students should consider reading titles on the AP reading list throughout the summer prior to grade 12 and all throughout their grade 12 year. The key is not to memorize the books, but to gain a better understanding of the plot, character, themes, major literary devices of a selection of novels of literary merit. So we're not talking Harry Potter here. Interested? You must be enrolled in English 12 or Lit Studies 12 and get permission from your English teacher in September. Then, speak to Ms. Caines in the library before mid-October to sign up for the exam!

In the meantime, these books are highly recommended to enhance the study of English 12 AP Literature and Composition. In years previous, books used on the English 12 AP exam have crossed a wide array of time periods and genres. A comprehensive study of a few of these books will help students in their course work as well as with the challenging English 12 Advanced Placement exam. You definitely don't need to read everything on the list, and we strongly encourage you to not even attempt to do so. But a study and analysis of at least three books plus the AP coursework will set up up for success.

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So many great books, how can you choose?

Start by reading the summaries and TitlePeek descriptions available through the catalogue.

Check the fiction section or put a hold on a book!

See a book you like? Visit the catalogue and 

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