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The library at ACSS has seen many changes in its over 60 years of existence. In 1958, recognizing the overcrowding at the Langley High School, Aldergrove Junior-Senior High School first opened its doors. The first librarian in the school was Mr. R.B. Evans who, in 1957 worked in the Langley High School Library, preparing to make the transition to the Aldergrove High School library. He worked with student library assistants who signed out library books for students during their study blocks and would bring their skills to the new 

school to set up the new library. Mr. Evans’ new library was in nearly the same position it is now, though nowhere near as large. The original library looked out onto a small courtyard that backed onto the current dramnasium (then the ‘big gym’)

From the 1958 edition of the Twig

Langley Advance, May 8, 1958

Mr. Evans' library was located here

The office was located here.

(This is the current library


Aldergrove Junior-Senior High School 1958

In 1963, Mr. Evans left Aldergrove High School for the new Fort Langley High School and Dr. George Szekely joined the staff as librarian. Dr. Szekely was the librarian through to the end of June 1967 when he transferred to Langley Secondary.

For the 1967-1970 school years, Mr. R. White was the librarian.

Mr. Reink Koat was the librarian from 1971-1978 with Mrs. I Mason acting as the librarian’s assistant from 1970-1972, Mrs. Quinn from 1972-1973, and Mrs. Olsen from 1975-1979. Mr. K. Johnson began his tenure as librarian from 1978-1990. Mrs. Crea Milroy became the librarian in 1990.

In 1993, Aldergrove Senior Secondary, as it was then known, underwent a huge renovation with a new wing built, a new gymnasium, and a new library on top of the old library and the old courtyard. The school adopted the new name, Aldergrove Community Secondary School.

Mrs. Milroy retired from the library in 2015. By that time, the title and job description of the librarian had changed. Ms. Katie Caines, a graduate of ACSS, became the Teacher-Librarian from 2015 onwards.

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