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Links and resources for all your courses!

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EdX offers free online open-sourced courses 24/7 from universities such as Harvard, MIT, UC, Berkley, etc. No applications needed; this site is open to everyone. AP review classes are designed to assist students preparing for exams. All AP specialty areas listed!

MIT Opencourseware

A back-catalogue of MIT courses offered for free. Whether you're a student, a teacher, or just someone curious who wants to expand your knowledge, the MIT Opencourseware site is a wealth of knowledge. No signup, no startup, no end dates; the MIT OCW is always available. Search for your AP specialty area from their drop-down menu.




Artcyclopedia is an online database of museum quality art that indexes over 2,900 different museum sites with links to nearly 20,000 artworks by 9,000 renowned artists. The art found on Artcyclopedia is readily available online. Search by name, medium, or subject.

Mary Doodles

Mary Doodles proves that art is everywhere and can be made from everything. Subscribe to her YouTube channel to watch time-lapsed videos of her doodling with anything from ink to coffee and everything in between. She can be found on all social media platforms under the same name.

Web Gallery of Art
The WGA is a virtual art gallery website displaying historic European visual art, mainly from the Baroque, Gothic, and Renaissance periods, but other art from the 3-19th centuries is also included. The website contains more than 49,500 reproductions with artist biographies, commentaries, guided tours, period music, and a catalogue.



MyBlueprint is an educational planning tool for students to help them set goals, record activities, create a resume and cover letter, and build a digital portfolio as they make plans for life beyond high school.

MyEd BC is the portal for course planning and report cards for students, parents, and teachers.



Anxiety Canada
Self help resources and videos about dealing with anxiety. Check out MindShift, an app designed to help teens and young adults take care of anxiety.

Health and wellness resources for young people 12-24, offering services and supports through online and in-person centres throughout BC. 

BC Partners for Mental Health & Addictions Information
Self-help website with resources for a wide range of mental health issues including depression, anxiety, and eating habits.

HumanMetrics - Personality Test
Take a 64-question quiz to determine your personality type. Based on Carl Jung and Isabelle Briggs-Meyers' personality type, the quiz will result in a 4-letter analysis that will help you discover more of your strengths, suitable careers, and gain valuable insights into your learning style.

Keirsey Personality Test
Want to know more? After taking the Jung-Briggs-Meyers test, try the Keirsey Personality Test to give you a deeper understanding of your personality type. Answer 70 questions and find out which of the four temperaments you match with.

Mind Your Mind
A website for teens and young adults for tips on how to manage stress and mental health issues.

Personality Page
Want to know even more about your personality? Visit this page to learn more about personality testing, the sixteen different personality types, and possible careers for those personalities.

A website focusing on healthy living for teens, kids, and parents. A thorough Q&A section for every topic you could imagine!

Teen Mental Health
More information about teen mental health issues.



While a spelling and grammar checker is already built into Word, it's not available in other programs where you directly type into a field--like Moodle! Grammarly is an add-on that you install into Chrome and it will check your spelling and grammar on the fly. So useful for those online assignments!

Ted-ED Reading Between the Lines
Short videos created by educators to give thought-provoking discussions on select literary titles and topics. Topped off with amazing animation, find out why you SHOULD read Dune and what exactly is the POV in literature and why is it important?

Literary Terms from Scholastic Scope
What's the difference between a static and a dynamic character? What is an onomatopoeia? All this and more can be found on four pages of commonly used literary terms. Surprise your English teachers with your knowledge!

Literary Devices and Terms
A huge repository of literary terms and devices any English student should know. 

Improve Your Writing - University of Bristol
The Faculty of Arts at the University of Bristol (England) have an extensive collection of grammar materials hosted on their website. Exercises to help you practice punctuation, use subjunctive, and improve your mastery of the English language.

Essay Writing Strategies - Harvard College
High school and beyond means writing essays. The writing centre at one of the world's leading universities can help you tackle essay writing. It gives tips on understanding the assignment, outlining, and final edits. You've definitely learned to not hand in the first draft as your final copy, right?!

Susan Dennard's For Writers Blog
Although she stopped updating her blog in 2017, Susan Dennard, author of The Witchlands Series, offers a wealth of tips about the writing process from plot holes to getting your novel published. Want more info about writing? Subscribe to her newsletter.

TedEd The Writers Workshop Series
Learn how to become a successful writer! Short, inspiring videos from educators and writers around the world teach you how to develop your characters and take your writing to the next level.

Shmoop Study Guides
Written by knowledgeable Ph.D. grads from schools like Harvard, Stanford, and Berkeley, Shmoop offers study guides for everything from 1984 to Wuthering Heights and everything in between (including other subjects like Science and History!) Struggling to make sense of a particular aspect of Shakespeare? Shmoop's free study guides can help you figure things out.

From the creators of SparkNotes comes LitCharts, a website with over 1300 literature guides, over 260 poetry guides, more than 130 literary devices and terms, and everything to help make Shakespeare ShakesClear!

8 million writers in over 100 different countries use Storybird to tell their stories. Read the best writers, publish your work, and get expert feedback from teachers, editors, and authors. 

3-Part Thesis
A graphic organizer for creating a strong thesis statement from EBSCO, the company that brings you all the databases you can access in the library! It provides examples of good, bad, and ugly thesis statements and how to avoid the bad and the ugly.

Poem Hunter
This site is packed with everything you wanted to know about poetry but didn't know who to ask. Search through the database by topic, poem, or poet. Publish your own or create an account to keep your collection of favourites.

Find poems, listen to poems, enter contests, and celebrate poetry. Sign up for a poem-a-day to get a daily poem sent to your inbox. Sponsored by the Academy of American Poets.

Poetry Foundation
Excerpts from the Poetry Magazine whose mission is to "print the best poetry written today in whatever style, genre, or approach." Check out the Poetry Out Loud section for poems, videos, and tips on how to present your poetry.

Poetry in Voice
A Canadian resource available in English or French. Search through the free database using filters such as age, subject tags, or moods. Check out their collection of Indigenous poems



Thomas King - I'm Not the Indian You Had in Mind (video)
"I'm Not the Indian You Had in Mind" challenges stereotypical portrayals of First Nations peoples in the media. Thomas King's spoken word short offers insight into how First Nations people today are challenging old ideas and empowering themselves.

Facing History and Ourselves - Stolen Lives: The Indigenous Peoples of Canada and the Indian Residential Schools
Also available in French, Stolen Lives is a digital resource examining the Indian Residential Schools in Canada and the lasting effects of Canada's genocide.



A bilingual dictionary that can translate over 20 languages, including French, Spanish, Italian, German, and Greek. Some languages allow you to listen to pronunciations, view definitions, and look up synonyms.

Grammar checker that finds common spelling errors and grammatical mistakes in French. Includes Learning Resources, a French Grammar Guide, and a French Vocabulary guide.

Want to learn a new language? Need help in French? Duolingo is free to use! Challenge yourself with daily tasks, create a profile to track your progress, and create reminders for your assignments.

Bonjour de France
Free exercises, karaoke, tests, and games for learning French and learning about French culture. Practice your grammar and vocabulary or develop your listening skills. Writing the DELF exam? There's resources for that, too!

TV 5 Monde
Current resources for learning French on your own or with your class. Choose your level and theme and then find videos and writing topics on different topics.

Practice your verbs and grammar in French, Spanish, German, Italian, Latin, and more. Use it as a guest or ask your teacher to create a class account. Listening activities and games are included in the exercises and you can monitor your progress!

Audio Lingua
A collaboratively built database of MP3 files helps you develop your listening skills in multiple languages. Any native speaker can submit files so there's a wide variety of accents and dialects.

24h Montreal
The Montreal version of the free newspaper 24 Hours. Featuring short articles on Canadian topics and events.

Les Voix de la Poesie
A Canadian resource available in English or French. Search through the free database using filters such as age, subject tags, or moods. Check out their collection of Indigenous poems



Organized by the Federation of Law Societies of Canada, the Canadian Legal Information Institute (CanLII) provides free access to court judgements, tribunal decisions, statutes, and regulations from all Canadian jurisdictions.

Justice Education Society
The Justice Education Society is a BC based society that works to improve access to programs, resources, and justice. It provides digital and in-person programs to educate people with little or no access to justice and legal information.

BC Laws
The laws of British Columbia, responsibilities and roles of our Ministers, Supreme Court rulings, Bills, and other legal publication made available by the provincial government can be found here. Access the glossary of terms and find the recent amendments to laws.

Courage in Red
YouTube series featuring Canada's own RCMP, showing what it takes to be an RCMP officer. Everything from Depot to active duty.

Department of Justice Canada - YouTube
Videos on a variety of topics from restorative justice, legal services, youth justice, and more.



A free, open online learning platform through the University of Waterloo, offering problems and lessons for all levels of math.

Grades 9-12 Math courses found here

A computational search engine that actually figures out the answers to your questions by searching for reliable data sources. Wolfram|Alpha can help you in Science, History, and InfoTech, too.

Algebra lessons, Learning Forums, Online Tutoring, and more!

Project Euler
Put your mathematical and computer programming skills to the test by tackling one of 500+ archived problems.

Forgot your graphing calculator in your locker? Here's a free online graphing calculator that lets you plot data, graph functions, view other user's math examples, and more.



Vancouver Symphony Orchestra
The webpage of the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra. Students 35 and younger can purchase cheaper tickets and attend events such as Night at the Movies where the VSO plays the soundtrack while movies like Harry Potter, Indiana Jones, and Star Wars play on screen.

CBC Radio Music Playlists
Providing free music access and articles about musicians. Listen to streams of music or select a playlist from a variety of different genres.

BBC Podcast: The Story of Music in 50 Pieces
Howard Goodall and Suzy Klein discuss 50 pieces of music that changed the course of music history.

Alan Cross' The Ongoing History of New Music Podcast
Canadian Alan Cross discusses the bands, the movements, the music, and the events in music history that defined a generation. A must for any music lover! Can also be found on many music streaming services.

Free Online Courses from the Berklee College of Music
Through EdX, students can access free online music courses through the Berklee College of Music in Boston. Introduction to the Music Business, Music Theory, and Music Production and Vocal Recording Technology are just a few of the many courses you can access!

Lessons and exercises to strengthen your musical theory and ear training. 

Finale Music
Are you a composer? Need somewhere to transcribe your music? Check out this free music notation software.

International Music Score Library Project (IMSLP)
IMSLP provides free access to almost every composer's music before the year 1900. 



PE Central
Need the rules for a specific sport? Creating a quick game to play when it's your turn to lead the PHE class? Anything you need to know about PHE can be found here. Great for teachers AND students!

PHE Canada
Links for Canadians to stay healthy in and out of school. Programs, resources, awards, you name it this site has it!

ESPN Sport Science
Videos and discussions on the science behind sport. 

FitnessBlender (YouTube)
500+ free videos for workouts, featuring HIIT, cardio, upper body, lower body, etc.

The Body Coach (YouTube)
250+ workout videos available to do from home.

Yoga With Adriene (YouTube)
Yoga for all levels. From fundamentals to rise and shine to yoga designed for people with specific careers, this site has all sorts of high quality yoga videos that anyone can access.

Nike Training Club (App)
Workouts for cardio, strength, yoga, taking into consideration your ability level and the time you have to work out.

Strava Running and Cycling Training (App)
Running tracker, cycling routes, and trail map. Record your daily activity and track your distance.



Physics Girl

Physics Girl is a YouTube channel created by Dianna Cowern that adventures into the physical sciences with experiments, demonstrations, and cool new discoveries. Physics Girl has videos for every atom and eve and cameo appearances by famous scientists like Stephen Hawking and Bill Nye.

Khan Academy (YouTube)

The Khan Academy YouTube channel offers videos from every subject under the sun. They also offer a free program providing you with course material that you can go through at your own pace.

Simply Psychology

Psychology theories and perspectives presented by Saul McLeod, a British academic researcher with a degree in psychology. Engaging and informative articles written in an academic style yet clear enough for high school psychology students to understand.

Crash Course Astronomy (YouTube)

A collection of 47 short videos featuring astronomer Phil Plait. Explains key areas within astronomy clearly for all learning levels. Topics covered include Moon Phases, Eclipses, Gravity, The Sun, The Solar System, Black Holes, and much much more!

VSauce (YouTube)

A YouTube channel featuring topics on Scientific Theory, Psychology, Mathematics, and Philosophy including sub topics on perception, physics, culture, space, human behaviour, and art!

SciShow (YouTube)

Another YouTube channel featuring science! Topics include Weird Places, Chemistry, Science News, Cooking, Experiments, and more!


This site pulls data from news and health organizations to provide real-time maps on emerging infectious diseases. View all disease alerts by country or limit to a specific region. Updated to show CoViD-19 results!

Science News for Students

Read or watch videos on a variety of science topics. Be informed about the world around you from a valid source! Read about the latest trends and headlines, explore math and science!

AsapSCIENCE (YouTube)

Making science make sense! Canadian duo Mitchell Moffit and Gregory Brown bring you asapSCIENCE, weekly science-backed videos on health, nature, tech and much more!


Edited by neuroscientists, this site offers a wealth of information on all things brain! Articles, videos, and interactive features are designed to make learning about the brain fun.

Penguin Prof

Valerie Pennington, professor of Biology at Southwestern College has created tutorials designed to help students understand tough topics such as General Biology, General Chemistry, Anatomy, and Physiology. All videos are closed-captioned and filled with tips and tricks to help you retain the knowledge that you're learning.


Possibly Ms. Caines' favourite website for debunking rumours, Facebook shares, and fake news. Snopes provides fact-checking for many different popular news articles, memes, and other online information. If you come across something weird or just too good to be true, try putting it into Snopes. Chances are it's fake.



The Memory Project

Since 2009, The Memory Project has provided veterans of various conflicts the ability to share their personal experiences through oral interviews. These stories and artifacts are available for teacher, student, and public use.

Historica Canada

Historica Canada provides awareness to Canadian History and Citizenship. Through Heritage Minutes (you've seen them on TV) Canadians are exposed to snippets of Canadian history. The website offers information and historical background to the following topics: 

Indigenous Arts and Stories

Citizenship Challenge

Encounters with Canadians

Heritage Minutes

The Memory Project

The Canadian Encyclopedia

World History Matters

World History Matters is a portal to world history websites developed by the Centre for History and News Media. The website helps students learn from online primary sources and to further their understanding of world history and globalization.

Crash Course - World History (YouTube)

Everything you wanted to know about the Fall of Rome, Vikings, WWII, Economics, the Industrial Revolution and so much more! A collection of short animated clips entertain and educate. Be sure to check out other playlists from Crash Course for other topics!

Voices Into Action

This free online educational program meets requirements of Canadian secondary school curricula. Explore social justice issues - both past and current. Become empowered to speak out and take action against hatred and all forms of discrimination!

Global Voices

Global Voices is a project developed by community bloggers who believe in universal access to free speech, in protecting the right to free speech, and the right to listen. Browse by countries, topics, or contributors.




Create and edit your own videos on any device. Personalize your transitions, text, and narration in this easy-to-use editor.

Zoom Fest

Zoom Fest is an annual film festival in Vancouver for students in grades 7-12. All ZOOM submissions must be written, directed, filmed, and produced within a 48-hour weekend in October. At the start of the competition, a prop and a theme are revealed and the countdown begins.



Arts Club Theatre Company

Arts Club is Vancouver's premiere theatre company, performing at venues on Granville Island, the Stanley Theatre, and East Vancouver. Students and schools get access to discounted matinees and access to workshops and behind the scenes tours.


Advanced search engine for finding that perfect monologue. Once you find it, the site offers comparable roles and speeches so you can find more of what works for your style. Casting calls and more are posted on the regular.

The Canadian Theatre Encyclopedia

A database of information including info about Canadian actors, playwrights, directors, producers, designers, theatre organizations and companies.

The Complete Works of William Shakespeare - MIT
Since 1993, MIT has offered the complete works of William Shakespeare online for free!

Langley Players
Local theatre company offering shows, social events, and the ability to join. You don't need to be an actor! Members also help with costumes, stage craft, and more.

Monologue Archive
A collection of monologues that are in the public domain, ready to be performed by you! Categorized by age, and genre.

Stage Agent
A great resource for monologues, theatre jobs, and researching your dream role. The blog is regularly updated with audition tips, tools, and more.

The Stratford Festival Presents:
Shakespeare comes alive as North America's largest classical repertory theatre presents the works of William Shakespeare. A front row seat from the comfort of your own desk for productions of Romeo and JulietTaming of the ShrewHamlet, and more.

Everything you needed to know about theatre practices in BC! Scholarship and awards, competitions, workshops, and more.

Theatre Folk
Free monologues, plays, group scenes, with directing and playwriting tips. Blogs, podcasts, and other info available!

Vancouver Public Library - Current Auditions
Wondering where to audition for an acting gig? This site offers an audition board for most of the Vancouver theatre production companies.

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