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Assignment Hacks

So your assignment states that you need to make a presentation but you don't know where to start. How do you make your presentation look original, unique, and stand out from the crowd? How do you avoid the boring 'death by powerpoint' presentation?

Here are a few resources that come highly recommended by staff and students!


Ever wonder how to make eye-catching infographics? Maybe you need a poster for a StuCo event? Or you're promoting something on the school's social media accounts. Canva has multiple templates to choose from with copyright free images you can use. Best of all it's free!

Comic Life
Comic Life is available on all library computers and allows you to create your own comics. At home, you can download the trial version.

Popplet is a super easy to use presentation format that can be used on an iPad or on the web. Arranged as a mind-map, Popplet helps students think and learn visually. Capture facts and images and create a relationship between them. Present online or download for off-line presentation.

Turn famous speeches, articles, or even your homework assignments into word clouds. Individual words are differently sized based on the number of times they are present in the document. 

TimeToast is a free timeline creation tool. Add pictures and text to make your timeline explain more.

Tiki-Toki Timelines
Tiki-Toki is an online timeline creation tool for creating interactive timelines that you can share online.

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