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Manga Online

Check out these amazing websites for instant online access to your favourite Manga series!

New Manga titles in the library!


Viz - Read popular titles such as Tokyo Ghoul, One Punch, My Hero Academia, and more! Some editions are released online BEFORE the book comes out! You can even watch new episodes of your favourite anime online, such as Naruto, Bleach, and JoJo's Bizarre Adventure.

Manga Sites to Access

Crunchyroll started as a premium website focused on providing dubbed-over anime series. Soon they began expanding to the manga industry. This growing site provides titles such as Attack on Titan, and more. You can even download the free app to access manga on the go!


Mangahere easy to navigate as it displays the manga by lists and genres. It's available in both English and Spanish but beware: some of these titles are listed by their Japanese title, so you'll need to double check your book! MangaHere also has an app you can download to access titles from your phone!

Some of these sites may only be accessible from home.


Baoto is a community oriented, user friendly site that provides daily updates and allows you to select the image quality (which will determine how long it takes you to download the item.) The site has titles like DragonballZ, Zelda, OnePiece, DeathNote, and more.

MangaEden on this site, Manga is available in English and French. You can read entire chapters at the click of your mouse. Titles such as Vampire Knight, Pokemon Adventures, Slam Dunk, Fruits Basket, and more are available!

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What is Manga?

Manga are Japanese comics that began to gain popularity in the early 20th century. Japanese artists, taking inspiration from western countries, began to create their own ideas utilizing the growth in technology in Japan as well as the political instability in the west to create characters and stories for Japanese readers. Manga are easy to differentiate from traditional "western comics" from the Marvel or DC universe. Manga are read from right to left--backwards to those of us used to English books. They will often show this image at the western "front" of the book to stop readers from reading in the incorrect direction:

Manga that are read left to right (like the books you grew up reading in Canada) are considered 'flopped' manga--that is, printed in mirror image to make it easier for western readers. By 'flopping' pages, western publishers can avoid "confusing" western readers, but it comes at a price. Characters are shown in mirror image and distinguishing marks on specific characters, or logos on clothing is shown on the opposite side that was intended. Many original Manga artists are unhappy with the western simplification of their art and feels it skews their original intentions.

Manga typically uses a black and white colour scheme in the comic panels and the characters take on a similar look: big, bright eyes and expressive faces. Like western comics, Manga characters often have special powers and are facing formidable foes. But like all graphic novels and comics, artistic style changes with artists.

Words to know:

Kawaii - (in the context of popular Japanese culture) cute. "She draws characters that are extremely kawaii."

Baka - Japanese word meaning 'idiot,' 'fool,' 'stupid,' and anything along those lines. "Anata wa baka desu" (You 

Chibi - an adjective meaning small or cute in a good way; a term of endearment used to describe young children or fluffy animals.

Shonen - A style of manga that usually targets young males. Told from the point of view of a young male character. Often filled with action and fighting. Examples in our library would be Naruto, One Piece, Deathnote, and Fullmetal Alchemist.

Shōuju - Literally means "for girls." Known as girl comics because they depict stories of romantic relationships that appeal to females. Examples in our library would be Fruits Basket, Kaguya-sama Love is War, and A Silent Voice.

Manga Genres:

Just like our library, Manga is separated into genres. In our library, you will find all Manga in the same area with the light blue spine label. If you are looking for a specific genre within the Manga section, you can find the genres listed in the Destiny Discover search, or ask Ms. Caines for suggestions!

Here are some genres that Manga is separated into:

Slice of Life - Literally the best and worst of life, conveniently sliced and packaged into the form of books, television, or movies for your viewing pleasure. Slice of Life are usually emotion provoking, insightful, but also realistic. Slice of Life series you can find in our library would be A Silent Voice, A Bride's Story, and Emma.

School Life - Similar to slice of life, the genre School Life is primarily based around the life of high school students. The target audience is you and scenarios are relatable to high school students from any area of the world. Series in this genre also overlap with Slice of Life and ShōujuSchool Life examples would be A Silent Voice, My Hero Academia, and Assassination Classroom.

Shonen - Told from the point of view of an adolescent male character, topics found in this genre primarily include action, adventure, sports, and horror. Some examples of Manga found in our library in the shonen genre are One Piece, Naruto, Fullmetal Alchemist, Deathnote, and Attack On Titan.

Shōuju - Focused on female characters, this genre usually involves a lot of romance and strong character development. Some Manga found in our library that fall into the shōuju genre are Vampire Knight, Fruits Basket, and Kaguya Sama Love is War.

What is Manga
Words to Know
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