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  • How many books can I take out at a time?

Students are permitted to sign out two books at a time. Voracious readers with a history of no overdues have no limits to the number of books they can sign out. Staff can sign out unlimited books for personal or professional use.

How Many Books
  • How long can I sign books out for?

Books are signed out to students for two weeks. At the end of two weeks, the book is deemed 'overdue.' At the end of 2.5 weeks, the book is deemed 'lost' and a fine may be applied to a student's account.

If you'd like to continue reading the book and you've hit the 2-week period, bring the book to the library and renew it. Students and staff have unlimited renewals.

If you require the book for longer, please let Ms. Caines know and she will give you a longer due date.

If the book is a textbook or a novel study used in an English classroom, they are usually due the last day of the semester (or quarter in Covid times)

How Long Can I
  • I received an email saying I have an overdue/lost book and I owe money! What does this mean?

Email Notice

Our catalogue system sends out automatic emails every Sunday night if you have overdue/lost books on your account. If you are not reading the book, simply bring it back to the library and it will be removed from your account. If you need the book for longer, bring it back to the library for a renewal and it will change from being a 'lost' book on your account!

  • I absolutely can't find the book/it was accidentally destroyed. What should I do?

Accidents happen! Pets and baby siblings are ruthless. Water bottles in backpacks are a book's enemy number one. If your book was accidentally destroyed, own it. Let us know in the library. Chances are, if it was a complete accident, we'll understand and delete the book from your account with no charge (this is usually what happens.) If you were just angry at the book and decided to destroy it, used it as a sled in the snow (it's happened...), threw a year's worth of rotten sandwiches on top of it in your locker (also happened) you might have to pay for the replacement.

Destroyed Book
  • I'm a new student and I don't know how to sign out books.

Come see Ms. Caines in the library for a library orientation. Most English classes come through for an orientation and book sign out at the beginning of the course/semester/quarter. If you've missed it, come down to the library for a quick orientation.

New Student
  • Can I work in the library if I don't have a class/have a study block?

If you are a student with a study block, the library is your expected space to work. Sign in on the purple sign-in sheet on the library counter. If you choose to leave during your study block, please make sure you sign out. If you are a student without a course scheduled during that block, you are welcome to work in the library as well with the same sign-in/sign-out procedures. Privileges may be revoked if you are not behaving during study block time and an alternate space may be required for you to work.
Due to COVID-19 protocols, all students with study blocks must wear a mask at all times in the library and sanitize their hands as they come in.

Work in library
  • Can I work before/after school in the library?

Yes! The library is open for your use at 8am and remains open until 4pm M-Th and 3:30pm on Fridays. Feel free to come and work in the library before/after school.
Due to COVID-19 protocols, all students must sanitize their hands at the entrance and wear a mask at all times in the library.

Befor school
  • I'm supposed to write an essay where I have to cite in APA/MLA/Chicago. Can you help with this?


Yes! Come see Ms. Caines in the library if you have questions on how to cite in any format. Each teacher has their own citation requirements (Science prefers APA, English prefers MLA, Social Studies prefers Chicago) and Ms. Caines is an expert in all three. She can point you in the right direction for citations and helpful websites that make citations easy!

  • How do I log into the computers?

The computers require your student number and your password. Enter your student number in the first field and your password in the second. Your password format is the first two letters of your first (legal) name, first four numbers of your student number, $$ (dollar sign dollar sign).

  • How much does it cost to print?

Student printing costs $0.25/colour copy, $0.10/black & white copy. For double sided printing, the cost is $0.23/side colour copy, $0.08/side black & white copy.

  • I've run out of printing credits. How do I add more?

Every year, students are given $5 to their printing account. This amount carries forward so if you've never printed anything in grades 9, 10, and 11, you'll have $20 on your account going into your grade 12 year. If you are a heavy user and use up all of your printing credits, please bring more money to the library and your account will be replenished. We can add any amount you choose, but we cannot refund unused credits (we can transfer them to other people or show you how to transfer funds.)

Printing costs
  • Can I book time for my class to come to the library (Staff only)

Yes! Library space books up quickly. Please come down to the library to look at the schedule to secure your dates.

Booking library
  • How many people can the library accommodate for a presentation?

The library has enough seating for 120 people, though our fire regulations state we can accommodate up to 250 people in the main library area.
The library lab can hold a class of 30.
The Fishbowl can comfortably fit 20, though with the extra lounge furniture, we limit numbers in the fishbowl to 15.

How many people
  • What facilities does the library have for presentations?

The library has wheeled tables of various sizes and heights for collaborative learning including two tables that are 'powered' for charging devices.

There is soft seating available in our fiction alcove (including various sizes of beanbags in the Fishbowl).

The library lab has 30 high-end Dell desktop computers with an LCD projector and whiteboard.

There are 9 'outside' desktop computers in the main library area outside of the lab. These are the same high-end computers that are available in the lab.

The library has 25 Dell Laptops and 10 IBM Thinkpad Laptops that can be used by students on studyblock or with a class.

There is an Epson Laser Projector that projects to a powered 88" projector screen via HDMI or AppleTV.

We also have a bluetooth surround sound stereo system with wireless microphones and an XBox one system.

Power outlets are available around the perimeter of the room.

  • Can I eat my lunch in the library?

The library is a food-free zone. While the occasional coffee and water bottle is ok, food is a no-no around books and technology. You are welcome to come to the library at lunch, but please eat your food prior to coming in.

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