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Yearbook & Journalism

Did you know ACSS has published a yearbook every year since its opening in 1958? When the school opened, we were considered a tiny branch of the Langley school district, so what better title for the yearbook than "The Twig"? The library has copies of every single yearbook in the archive that can be looked at (within the library -- no signing these books out!) for historical research, family research, or just look back at the great examples of school clubs, sports, activities, and fashion! Did you know we had a skydiving club!?

Yearbook and Journalism is an enrolling block taught by Ms. Caines in the Library lab during block A1. Yearbook and Journalism students work long hours to produce a student-designed yearbook (and newspaper--more info on that to come!) Yearbook students have been hard at work since the beginning of September doing everything from designing the cover, planning the page layouts, covering sporting and school events as well as Totem life to ensure that nothing is missed in The Twig time capsule. 

By October, yearbook students will have determined the theme of the yearbook, designed the layouts of nearly all the pages in the book, composed the end-sheets and designed the cover. They will be busy snapping photos of all school events from school startup through to Halloween activities. By December, nearly a quarter of the book is completed (make sure you sit for your school day photos!) By Spring Break, the finishing touches are put on the book and in April, the book is sent to the publisher for printing. 

Twig staff eat, breathe, and live yearbook and journalism! By June, all yearbook students will have completed between 50 and 100 hours of extra work to get the yearbook done over and above their other classes. They are tireless advocates for the school's history and they do it all in the name of creating the best book ever!

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